Migos Feat. Drake - Having Our Way (Official Audio)

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Hear the the official audio for Migos Feat. Drake - "Having Our Way"

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Migos Feat. Drake "Having Our Way" Lyrics:

[Chorus: Drake]
Load up the Drac’
Fuck it, I’m making em pay
It’s however niggas wanna take it
I’m having my way
Set out here having his way
Qua out here having his way
And like the third Migo I, Take, bitch, what
Load up the Drake
What else are they gonna play?
It’s however niggas wanna take it
Ay, I’m having my way
Set out here having his way
Qua out here having his way
And like the third Migo I, Take, what, they, yuh

[Verse: Drake]
Now that I’m thinking it through
I just ain’t fell in love ‘cause I’m way too awake
Then she tried fucking a rapper to break up my heart
But my heart doesn’t break
Soon as I link with these niggas
They feelings is written all over they, face
Wait, ok great
I’m in the back room at Wally’s
I spent $30,000 on somebody’s grapes
Getting in so many pull-up’s on niggas
No wonder we getting in shape
Too busy backing my words up with actions
To ever go front of your, face
What? Ay, shit done changed
Billionaires talk to me different
When they see my paystubs from Lucian Grainge
Told myself that I would get through this verse
And I’m not gonna mention the plane
But look at the plane
Fuck what we sayin’
Yeah, what? Fuck what we sayin’
Big ’81, but I don’t own a Harley
I ride a Mercedes with Shane
Ay, it’s me an lil’ Harley,
We wrecking this shit
Then we bout to go link with the gang
Ay, and unlike the clock at your momma’s house
I do not have time to hang
Please don’t reach out to me
Think watching too much of Stefan has got to me
Verses too easy
I’m serving ‘em up by the threes
I’m playing pool
And the pool just connects to the beach
I’ve been too solid
To ever have stripes on my sneak’s
You get what I mean?
Back in the day
My dogs was putting they balls
In the pockets of all of the fiends
What? What?
That was back in the day
Now we involved in legitimate business
Baby we came a long way
Sometimes I hop on the road by myself
And I listen to shit that you say
All of y’all having more followers than dollars
And that’s why I cannot relate
No, what?
Load up the Drac’
Fuck it, I’m making em pay
It’s however niggas wanna take it
I’m having my way
Set out here having his way
Qua out here having his way
And like the third Migo I, Take, bitch, what
Load up the Drake
What else are they gonna play?
It’s however niggas wanna take it
Ay, I’m having my way
Set out here having his way
Qua out here having his way
And like the third Migo I, Take, what, they, yuh

[Verse: Quavo]
Load up the Drac’ (Drac’)
Making them fuck niggas pay
Straight out the trap to the play (we gone)
Who said they ain’t having they way? (Who?)
Might have a lil’ more on they plate (eat it up)
We having our way in three ways (whoop)
OVO scope on the Drake (uh)
We having our way (we having that shit)
Having my way in the city
Get pulled out your britches
You talking or tripping?
Go put on my cleats
So I’m walking, they slipping (walk)
Having my way, now this shit like a business
Load up the bases, now I feel like Cal Ripken (ay)
She had it her way, now she out of a Bentley (skrrt)
Get out (mmhmm)

[Verse: Offset]
Fuck how you take it
We straight from the vacant (hey)
I caught me some cases
And beat it in races (hey)
Seen they was hating
No communication
No invitation (no)
Cut of circulation
Blue or the red Bugatti
This the Matrix
Crosses all over my body
Watch for Satan (Chrome)
I’m having, Gallery Lanvin
No talking, we smashing (smash)
This one a classic
Ain’t none of this average (classic)
Sniper, I’m sniping a bitch
I’m an assassin (snipe)
I popped it than piped a bitch up for some action (hey)
I don’t even be bragging
These lil’ niggas maggots (maggots)
I don’t even flex
That shit be on accident
Fell in my lap
Hit your bitch on accident
I shoot my shot
At some point that shit accurate (bow, uh)

[Chorus: Drake & Takeoff]
Load up the Drake
What else are they gonna play? (fuck em’)
It’s however niggas wanna take it (it’s up)
Ay, I’m having my way (having it)
Set out here having his way (Set)
Qua out here having his way (Qua)
And like the third Migo I, Take, what, they, yuh

[Verse: Takeoff]
I’m shoving that shit in they face
Then I go put that boy right in his place
They know that I’m having my way (Why?)
I was 17 on a song with Drake
It’s like an eviction notice when dropping (get out)
‘Cause niggas get move out they space (move)
Two and a half, was going on three
But fuck it, ‘cause it’s worth the wait
Not to be ignorant
But I want everything that’s on the menu
And what’s on your plate (gimme that)
I talked to God, He give me the faith (God)
I hit the boy, if I need me a Drac’ (brrr)
I got a Richie that shit on my left (Mill’)
But somehow I always be


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    Roland Echols
    16 саат мурун

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  3. WolfBPrince
    17 саат мурун

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    Sam Scholten
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