The friend thats OVERLY hospitable when you're sleeping at their house

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Oddwin - 19


  1. Luke Warmbeans
    Luke Warmbeans
    2 саат мурун

    tbh, im feeling personally attacked rn as an overly attentive host. 😵

  2. Unique Michael
    Unique Michael
    7 саат мурун

    "How Did You Get Outside?"

  3. DimLo
    9 саат мурун

    Now tho, the main test... does he give the WiFi password?

  4. Just a Gay without a Heterosexuality
    Just a Gay without a Heterosexuality
    14 саат мурун

    bro imagine being so good you are just sponsored by google wtf

  5. GreenEyedAssassin
    18 саат мурун

    Plot twist. He stole the house and is trying to get his buddies finger prints all over it

  6. Not William
    Not William
    21 саат мурун

    And then there's my friend who makes me sleep on the floor

  7. Brian Williams
    Brian Williams
    Күн мурун

    "I did your taxes, so you ain't gotta worry about that no more." "Wait, you needed my social for this!" "Yep. Anyway, I cleaned my whole room-" Sounds like Caleb gave him his SSN in order to progress the story in the video where the world stops during dialogue.

  8. SneckoBoi
    Күн мурун

    Mr beast in a nutshell

  9. Alphab Diallo
    Alphab Diallo
    Күн мурун

    Lol sponsored by google

  10. A Kayfabe
    A Kayfabe
    Күн мурун

    Sponsored by GOOGLE? Holy (beep) You sir, win sponsorship.

  11. NeeksonPlays
    Күн мурун

    This is my best friend and honestly I like it lmao

  12. shammy keyz
    shammy keyz
    Күн мурун

    Caleb can you do a house tour?

  13. N-Slxcer
    Күн мурун

    Just when about to say charger he says charger 🤣🤣🤣

  14. UncleTea
    Күн мурун

    Why is this me 😂😂😂I just don’t want them to want anything while they with me 😂or get too bored …or feel uncomfortable,..HELP ME, HELP YOU !

  15. Dog
    2 күн мурун

    Sponsored by *GOOGLE* ???

  16. Elstapha
    2 күн мурун

    The ad tho 🤣🤣🤣

  17. byylue
    2 күн мурун

    Everyone knows Google, and they still sponsored him, that’s how good he is

  18. Viscount
    2 күн мурун

    Not very hospitable, considering he tryna give us warm ass water to drink

  19. pickle the trout cj
    pickle the trout cj
    3 күн мурун

    I been watching this channel for a long time now and that run when he go out the door makes me laugh brings back vine memories

  20. Dr. Walaa hegazy
    Dr. Walaa hegazy
    3 күн мурун

    you know you're famous...when GOOGLE ITSELF sponsors you

  21. Mouavek One Two Three
    Mouavek One Two Three
    3 күн мурун

    The clip of him jumping is gonna be memes hard.

  22. Skull Squad
    Skull Squad
    3 күн мурун

    Bruh that shady af If my dude did that shit I'm out

  23. Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez
    4 күн мурун

    Now bro can crash at his crib for free without paying bills no more

  24. LazerDude703
    4 күн мурун

    When he said foot massage? Fosho. I DIED BRO

  25. ♡ Liyah / Booplesnoot ♡
    ♡ Liyah / Booplesnoot ♡
    4 күн мурун

    i never knew u had a birthmark on ur elbow omg lemme stop i sound like a creep

  26. ♡ Liyah / Booplesnoot ♡
    ♡ Liyah / Booplesnoot ♡
    4 күн мурун

    New house? looks rlly good

  27. FCK it, Mona
    FCK it, Mona
    4 күн мурун

    EXPLAIN! 😭

  28. Why do I do this
    Why do I do this
    4 күн мурун

    Sponsored by freaking GOOGLE?!??!?! HOW FAMOUS ARE YOU

  29. Random guy on the internet
    Random guy on the internet
    5 күн мурун

    He gave the house to him cause it was stolen

  30. Returnofmist chill BIG chill
    Returnofmist chill BIG chill
    5 күн мурун

    Man really just got sponsored by google

  31. Realm of the Random
    Realm of the Random
    5 күн мурун

    Amazing, not surfshark, not Nord VPN, nor raid shadow legends. My man getting straight on sponsored by the google. Amazing

  32. Ammar Ibrahim
    Ammar Ibrahim
    5 күн мурун


  33. Quron Williams
    Quron Williams
    6 күн мурун

    Damn, that Google thing is tuff! 😂😂

  34. MegaIconSlasher
    6 күн мурун

    House must've had spiders in it

  35. spiderdude2099
    6 күн мурун

    The average southerner be like:

  36. Steven Cartagena
    Steven Cartagena
    6 күн мурун

    I'm like this because I'm always thinking "do they really have everything they need or are they saying it to be polite or not try to intrude?"

  37. Mac MashPotato
    Mac MashPotato
    6 күн мурун

    House is haunted by poorly written super villians, he is desperately trying to get rid of it.

  38. A1Marcus
    6 күн мурун

    It's the cursed house from episodes earlier

  39. Dune Ink
    Dune Ink
    6 күн мурун

    "How did you get outside??" Window? Duh

  40. Max Phan
    Max Phan
    6 күн мурун

    That’s the ultimate homie, tf he freaking out about

  41. Randal Darrell
    Randal Darrell
    7 күн мурун

    Damn it human stop resisting my generosity.

    7 күн мурун

    Did he hand him the Title deeds. 😂😂😂

  43. Snow
    7 күн мурун

    it’s alright bro they work at a hospital

  44. 🌹Baby Akiel👑
    🌹Baby Akiel👑
    7 күн мурун

    Yoooo Caleb you are gifted.😂

  45. G_Boy
    8 күн мурун


  46. Ana Alina
    Ana Alina
    8 күн мурун

    1:50 "Ex-explAIN!" 😂

  47. Sky blue flower
    Sky blue flower
    8 күн мурун

    How tf do you get sponsored by google

  48. Rodney Thomas
    Rodney Thomas
    8 күн мурун

    Every freeloader loved the idea of having a friend like this

  49. Miranda Lopez
    Miranda Lopez
    8 күн мурун

    Next time: “Sponsored by God himself”

  50. ASD ➕ ADHD & 💯 Me
    ASD ➕ ADHD & 💯 Me
    8 күн мурун

    I’m sorry but I am *NOT* this generous!

  51. • United States Colonial Marine Support Gunner
    • United States Colonial Marine Support Gunner
    9 күн мурун

    529 people were outside...

  52. shawn-d -_-
    shawn-d -_-
    9 күн мурун

    Sponsored by Google, uses an iPhone

  53. Devin Walker
    Devin Walker
    9 күн мурун

    The FIRST time, is the ONLY time imma be treating you like a guest. You’re only a guest once my friend. I gave you a tour now go make us dinner 🤣

  54. Sammich gaming
    Sammich gaming
    9 күн мурун


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  56. ZX
    9 күн мурун

    I need more videos like this! 😂 Also, congrats on getting sponsored by Google.

  57. Madame Kipperoni
    Madame Kipperoni
    9 күн мурун

    the hum to search feature is actually the single greatest piece of technology out today

  58. BlakeTheCyborg
    9 күн мурун

    This is exactly what I would do if my house was haunted

  59. Harpoon
    9 күн мурун


  60. Hosea Downing
    Hosea Downing
    9 күн мурун

    This is just what hufflepuffs do

  61. pineapple
    10 күн мурун

    ok I love that he got sponsored by google and all but... why tf would google sponsor someone 😂

  62. Careless Whisker
    Careless Whisker
    10 күн мурун

    I was so excited to find out what "overly hospital" meant

  63. Alex Stigall
    Alex Stigall
    10 күн мурун

    I had a woman friend like this. I couldn't stand it.

  64. Eddie 2P
    Eddie 2P
    10 күн мурун

    trhx google for showing me that you have that screen thing thats pretty cool. cant wait for the microchipped version directly in my brain

  65. Marcus Eaton
    Marcus Eaton
    10 күн мурун

    I didn't know about interpreter mode, that is awsome!

  66. Señor Monke
    Señor Monke
    11 күн мурун

    Love the throwback HEY ending.

  67. Mujahid Ansori Majid
    Mujahid Ansori Majid
    11 күн мурун

    no controversial, no talks shit, just amazing content

  68. Incredible
    11 күн мурун

    people after quarantine

  69. Locke Spartan
    Locke Spartan
    11 күн мурун

    Me when playing online games be like.....I mean I really do this

  70. RandomGuy
    11 күн мурун

    Imagine getting sponsored by basically the entire internet

  71. C Kamashz
    C Kamashz
    11 күн мурун

    The literal title deed had me in tears 🤣 . Great skit.

  72. CreeperFace75
    12 күн мурун

    Damn he literally sponsored by Google that's crazy

  73. BleedWolf
    12 күн мурун

    Google better pay Caleb 6 figures for this free Promo

  74. Ian Buck
    Ian Buck
    12 күн мурун

    Holy crap! I'm glad I watched this skit. I had no idea Google could do that.

  75. Thomas Mancini
    Thomas Mancini
    12 күн мурун


  76. Telometto Tittettori
    Telometto Tittettori
    12 күн мурун

    Wait how is this guy sponsored by google and he's black?!?!? Fucking sistematic racism not really working well

  77. Austin Hancock
    Austin Hancock
    12 күн мурун

    I love how you always do that jump through the door. With the guy screaming HEY

  78. Ghostly Doger
    Ghostly Doger
    12 күн мурун

    1:55 got me laughing

  79. The E Guy
    The E Guy
    12 күн мурун

    Having asd it's rare I get to talk to someone in person especially one I'd consider close enough to come over so.......I get a bit excited........yea

  80. NewPhoenix
    13 күн мурун

    I'm actually this person lmao. I will cook for anyone who comes over, let them sleep over, give them my car, etc.

  81. DMarcoTheBeast
    13 күн мурун

    What app does that humming thing?

  82. LeMemaker
    13 күн мурун

    When ur friend is Mr. Beast

  83. Elijah Stevenson
    Elijah Stevenson
    13 күн мурун

    This is me on God.

  84. Thriving Entrepreneur
    Thriving Entrepreneur
    13 күн мурун

    damn that first half was me ngl im overly hospitable

    13 күн мурун

    Plot twist: the friend give him house cause it was the house that have ghost in it

  86. MackTheBetaWarrior
    13 күн мурун

    Lol he giving away his deed

  87. AirBorN Gaming
    AirBorN Gaming
    13 күн мурун

    Google Chrome has a feature you didn't mention; using 40% of your CPU.

  88. squiggaML
    13 күн мурун

    yoo i actually didn't know these google features, thanks for letting me know mannn

  89. Rosecrest
    13 күн мурун

    I feel attacked

    13 күн мурун

    You literally destroyed both google and apple by using google assistant on an apple device.

  91. Sin.
    14 күн мурун


  92. Derpydogz025
    14 күн мурун

    My grandparents:

  93. PotatoBob. Sr
    PotatoBob. Sr
    14 күн мурун

    Man works at chickfila

  94. Ibrahim Farooq
    Ibrahim Farooq
    14 күн мурун


  95. Wale S
    Wale S
    14 күн мурун

    That google lens feature is nasty. I'd use all 3 things

  96. iLoveJesuschrist
    14 күн мурун

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  97. Thomas Ipkiss
    Thomas Ipkiss
    14 күн мурун

    Dang I actually laughed out loud that was a great skit

  98. Darian
    14 күн мурун

    I feel personally attacked

  99. Matt Styner
    Matt Styner
    14 күн мурун

    I normally hate paid promotions in videos, but I was not at all mad about the google tips.

  100. Reaper Ultragod
    Reaper Ultragod
    15 күн мурун

    me in trading games