I HATE Weird Customers... Also I Got Fired From My First Job

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For my first job in fast food/retail, I had to deal with annoying + weird customers, angry bosses and... then tell you guys about how I got fired from my first job lmao

So working at McDonalds- I mean WackDonalds was a little rough... please don't sue me I loved working there

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    Moussa Ahmed
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    Who else got "there is no war in ba sing se" vibes when maaz said "isnt Australian culture neat?" Edit: the scene is at 1:50

    4 саат мурун

    3:09, DEATH NOTE reference.

  13. GleamerGleam
    4 саат мурун

    I'm watching this in bed and I need to get up because I have to go to my summer job. It's been hard these past few days so to hear your story made me feel better in some way and laugh. Aight, gotta go now!

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    Grape- Man
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    Damn, brown white guy mocking James lol

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    You were 13!? I'm surprised it was legal to employ you at all!! :o Now I wonder what's the legal age to start working everywhere!

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    "Now If I was uncreative, I'd probably name it something along the lines of McDouunald's." *Camera Pans towards James With his Sooubway* *moves on* "But since I'm not"

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    Chloe Carles
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    Jaevion yt
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    The red wolf
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    Congratulations on 1 Mill

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    Ahmed Hany
    23 саат мурун

    If I'm being honest here, your mom is completely right, if nothing is forcing you to do something that you hate doing then just don't No offense but you are stupid for just quitting like that and not going to them and telling them "I'm done"

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    Wait you could work at 13 in Australia?

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  46. skunkgirl456
    Күн мурун

    I do agree with you that just leaving your job is pretty shitty but see, My first job littlerly fired me on the first day because I was too "slow". And that really pissed me off because for one like I said it was my first day and they littlerly gave me no training or anything just put me on the work line. I guess my point is to tell my story but also that it can go both ways of unprofessional

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    Kalina M-D
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