Fortnite Season 7 Bosses, Mythic Weapons Location Guide (Boss Dr Slone)

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Fortnite Season 7 Bosses, Mythic Weapons Location Guide (Boss Dr Slone) v17.00! fortnite new bosses, mythic weapons, vault locations guide in fortnite update today 17.00 in season 7 chapter 2 update in fortnite battle royale! Boss Raptor, Boss Spire guard and Boss Spire guard locations. Fortnite Season 7 Bosses, Mythic Weapons Location Guide (Boss Spire Guards) Fortnite,Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7,All Bosses,All Mythic Weapons,All Keycards,All Vault Locations Guide,Superman,Superman Boss,Boss Super Man,Superman Mythic,Superman Mythic Item,Fortnite Superman,Superman Fortnite,Rick Boss,Boss Rick,Rick and Morty,Fortnite Rick and Morty,Rick Sanchez,Doctor Slone,Dr Slone,Dr Slone Boss,Boss Dr Slone,Dr Slone Mythic,Slone's Pulse Rifle,Boss Alien,Alien Boss,Ufo Fortnite,Marigold boss,Boss Marigold,

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    shachar movies
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    so cooollll dr.slone mytic is vert awesome! and the new lama is very coolll and how the lama now alive is really cool and i love how it give an a chug exotic! and the new guns are AWESOME!

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    fret? ✌️
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    2. fret? ✌️
      fret? ✌️
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      fret? ✌️
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      @YUNG CJAY isn’t it a her?

    5. YUNG CJAY
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      Well he’s really not he’s mostly a regular npc

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    slone when she clones the first clone that shoots is the real one

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    jonathan from the 3rd grade
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    I wish there were more bosses its just 1 mythic now. There should be like a sunny boss and or a zyg boss

    1. Grandaldore
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      I don’t know about sunny, but Zyg and Rick would be nice

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    Detective Mario
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    I really miss the mandalorian sniper. I usually carry one midrange weapon, like an AR, on long range weapon, like a sniper, and one close range weapon, like a shotgun. But with the mandalorians sniper it was an overpowered close range weapon when you don't aim and a really good sniper when you do aim. And I would also combine the hoprock dualies with it and it was a really good combo, hoprock dualies and mandalorian sniper.

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    slone should drop her clone ability as well, looking similar to the predator mythic in looks, only that the clones are timed, also 4:47 well, beg to differ the railgun can shoot through builds, and is overall op

    1. Dumb Commenter Police
      Dumb Commenter Police
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      Nah I think the ufos are.

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    Fun fact if you use the recon scanner you can find the real slope the clones have a crown

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    fun fact: Despite what pat said the railgun is actually extremely op. Sorry pat you’re a bit of a bot…

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    You can also stun the llamas by getting a headshot with the rail gun

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    I dont know why but spire guardian is still in battle labs if you could make Dr slone vs spire guardian I would really appreciate it pat and use the ufo you can just abducte the spire guardian or dr stone to either one

    1. Cryptic
      Ай мурун

      Mini spire there only one but the last one disappeared

    2. Me
      Ай мурун

      The spires one or mini spire?

  71. Isaac Bernal
    Isaac Bernal
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    I destroyed that girl in my first season seven round

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      Matthew Heselwood
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      Currently it is unavailable.

  75. JayLT
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    Time stamps for each boss... Doctor Slone: 0:25 Llama - (Not a boss but it is featured): 3:32 Riot - (Hostile NPC): 4:51 Guggimon - (Hostile NPC): 6:30 Thank me later.

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    1. Gobzo Raon
      Gobzo Raon
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      Nah it's Dr vinderman

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    Idea: Spire Guardian vs Io guard. The spire Guardians are still in bl

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