Migos - Avalanche (Official Video)

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Migos ""Avalanche"" Lyrics:

[Verse: Quavo]

Poppa was a rolling stone, but now I got rolling stones in the bezel (ice)
Momma at home all alone, hustling trying to keep this shit together (momma)
Young n***a smoking on gas, I’m living too fast, my foot on the pedal (whoo)
If I got back to the past, my n***as ain’t know we’d be rockin’ Coachella (hey)
If a n***a ever try me or play me, I buy him an iced out shovel (ice)
Dig ya own grave n***a, you played yourself, I put some cash on your schedule (you played yourself)
If a bitch ever try to filet me huh, I just sit back and let her (she got it)
Think she come up of the Cho, it’s whatever, my pockets came with extra cheddar (go)
I can see through the fuck shit (fuck shit), I think that my skills getting better (getting better)
With a stick, come in peace, Mandela (Mandela), I’m willing to feed whoever (who)
How can I help you? (how)
Nobody judge you but God (God)
You can watch us beat the odds (beat it)
This ain’t no cap, no facade
Young, rich, and black, and we gon’ beat the charge (we gone)
I’m spending cash, no card
I’m liking her natural ass, no fraud (yeah)
If she got a fake ass, of course, girl ain’t nothin’ wrong with enhancing, it’s yours
From the back, from the back we enjoy it (soo)
100 rack I’ma attack with my boys (attack)
Got the clip walking out we be showin’ (showin’)
Anybody check clout we be knowin’ (clout)
In and out, in and out we be goin’ (goin’)
On a 757 Boeing (jet)
And my AP same size as the Forum (that’s big)
Better get you some bread where you from (yeah)

[Verse: Offset]

I spend my mill’s on the crib (matching)
Cover myself, F&N is my shit (cover)
I spent dime, go run you a drill (dime)
If you do the time, come home to a meal (time)
Double my seal (double), sign another deal (sign)
G6 pills (G), money give me chills (chills)
I make the bitch hit her knees, she kneel (bitch)
I make the stick hit when I’m in the field (stick)
I made your bitch lick it up like ew (uhh)
Spend 100 racks on the teeth, not a grill (racks)
Lookin’ at your diamonds on your neck ain’t real (who)
N***a you a bitch, let the Draco kill (bitch)
Heard what I said (heard)
Spinnin’ your block every day til’ your dead (spin, spin)
Live on the edge, codeine my meds (codeine)
Open your legs (legs), I fuck with my stick in the bed (rrraow)
We shootin’, not fighting like Craig (bow)
Bad bitches they DM, they still in my thread (DM)
They ain’t never give us our cred (cred)
Patek rose gold with the face ruby red (ruby)
Put a hole in your head, not your legs (hey)
Put my hands on her head, she a pet (ow)
M.I.G.O, n***a that’s the set (Migo)
Fuck that P.O., I’ma just pay it (who)
White glass in my Lambo, it look like its albino
I hit your bitch, she say “ouch”, hit a high note (ouch)
I’m Richie Rich like Lionel (Richie Rich)
Count your blessings, don’t worry about the rival (hey)
Grandma told me, “Go read the Bible” (grandma)
Should’ve listened, still look at the sky though (sky)
Sifter sippin’, this not the moscato (sifter sippin’)
Bitch I’m gifted, I’m smokin’ gelato (bitch I’m gifted)

[Verse: Takeoff]

We been the n***as that steppin’
We came in the do’ and they takin’ the flow, call it repo (bite)
My dog he gon’ bite, no Chico (grrr)
Get hit with the Draco and make him with Rico (brrr)
Ain’t shopping Rodeo
You wanna see the 3 Migos, then turn on your Vivo (Vivo)
The Wraith colored mayo (white)
And the cheese like I ate a bag of some Cheeto’s (cheese)
They must’ve forgot we the Migos (forgot)
Straight from the Nawf out the bando (bando)
I done been quiet for too long (too long)
I copped that Cuban, it’s two-toned (two-toned)
I heard he trappin’, they tappin’ that static
Tell that boy go get a new phone (brrring)
Out In Bel-Air, copped a new home (new home)
Avalanche with the blue stone (ice)
I’m the shit, can’t find a fit, my neck is a fridge
The rings and wrists, I retro’d the kicks
Ain’t givin’ no kiss, I’m givin’ her dick
You staring too long, like you seen a ghost
So whip out your camera, take you a pic
So when you get home, get back on your phone
Zoom in on the flick, and look at the drip
She asked me to pay for the ass to get lifted
I told her I’m better of getting you a Lyft
Think I’ma put all my trust in a ho with no benefits
Tell her go jump off a cliff
I go through 230 a cup of that purple
Put ice in my drink just to keep on chill (lean)
Fuck all that talk you ain’t been in the field (nah)
Open my bank account and it give me chills (chills)



  1. M J
    M J
    17 саат мурун

    this lit af

  2. djsyer1
    Күн мурун

    I love these guys, but they haven't yet enjoyed almost 4 decades of critical and commercial success. So, it's a bit premature to compare yourselves to the Stones.

  3. Ssenyonga Peter
    Ssenyonga Peter
    Күн мурун

    I lyk them

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    Timothy Tinker
    2 күн мурун

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  5. Platnumdj23
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    RUN DMC , OUTKAST , BONE THUGS , MIGOS Groups that change the game !!

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    2 күн мурун

    Culture 3 is a masterpiece

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    2 күн мурун

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    Ogholoh Alexander
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    William Anderson
    2 күн мурун

    Develop your sound?? You been developed y'all sound,, years ago bro what are you talking about

    3 күн мурун

    i think offset is drunk..........😶

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    ernest sifoi
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    Morgan Morgan
    5 күн мурун

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  22. Morgan Morgan
    Morgan Morgan
    5 күн мурун

    "I can see thru the fuck-shit" these fellas are soooooo fly

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    The sample from Papa was a rolling stone by The temptations just fits so well

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    Ian Patrick
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    Sergio Escarfuller
    9 күн мурун

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    Aaron george
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    The Junkin Punkin
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    11 күн мурун

    I'm on the road back home from vacation. The migos is what we been jammin to. My son almost 30 put me on to them. This temptation music sounds good. I'm 53 and love the migos. My 3 grandsons 2 eight 1 three years old. You men are going to go down in history as music legends. Greatest Group in the World. I hope to go to one of your concerts soon...✌🏽💙💙💙🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🔥🔥🔥

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